HVAC and Mechanical Systems Design/Build Services

MTECH can design and build your HVAC systems and provides a single resource for all facets of system design and design-build. We start with a complete analysis of your building’s needs to assess your building’s current heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) needs, and the project scope.

Our staff is highly trained to provide the most competent and capable commercial HVAC design-build services. Designing entirely new commercial HVAC systems, as well as existing HVAC system upgrades and retrofits, the MTECH team develops heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that work optimally for your needs. We forecast future demands on your HVAC system and based on the current and future heating and cooling requirements of your building, we then create commercial HVAC systems that operate in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner, for long-term use and returns.

Once design plans are in place, the MTECH team builds the system, and once in use we maintain and service the equipment. Throughout the entire HVAC design-build process and life of your building’s HVAC system, you can depend on MTech for reliable systems and service.


Today’s companies are continuously responding to the rapid changes taking place in the technological market.  As companies strive to maintain a competitive edge physical changes occur within facilities.  The need for a new lab or cleanroom arises causing a reconfiguration of existing space.  This reconfiguration of space generates an additional need for process piping installation, equipment hook-ups, demolition and construction of specialty rooms, new filtration systems and much more.

MTECH has responded to these companies by combining engineering and installation services into one.  Popular among technologically advanced companies, this approach offers companies “one-stop-shopping” (single source contracting) for engineering, installation, service and warranty.

MTECH works with customers, suggesting alternative solutions and cost-effective approaches for construction within the specified time period.  Our design-build program offers the following advantages:

  • Streamlined project management
  • Project continuity from design through construction
  • Complete labor and material estimates
  • Accurate project budgets
  • Easily accessible engineers and mechanics
  • Reduction in vendor selection time
  • Short lead time in turning project over (engineer to contractor)
  • Ability to maintain a budget and control total costs
  • Single point of contact
  • Less administrative duties by owner
  • Elimination of mediating between designer and contractor
  • More design options
  • Improved construction efficiency
  • More rapid project completion


MTECH’s engineers and mechanics embody a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Collectively, our staff has successfully designed and completed several of the following systems and applications:

  • Clean rooms from class 1 to class 10,000
  • Chilled water plants
  • Process cooling distribution systems
  • Humidification controls
  • Environmental rooms
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Scrubber exhaust systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Office buildings
  • Energy management analysis
  • Feasibility studies