Building Systems Commissioning and Signoff

MTECH offers HVAC system commission services to help people who operate building mechanical systems to evaluate system problems. Commissioning tests are done after construction and during building systems start up. Most system problems occur at system start-up for new buildings. However, when existing mechanical systems are upgraded or retrofitted commissioning is also required. MTECH’s team is comprised of design representatives, construction technicians, building automation engineers and technologists, plumbers, electricians and air and water balance technicians.

The building automation personnel lead the commissioning team as they have the best overview and understanding of systems interaction and operation. Systems are operated at both winter and summer simulated conditions to ensure the building will not be adversely affected by changes in outdoor temperature. At the completion of commissioning a report will be generated detailing deficiencies found and corrective action taken.

Building Systems Commissioning services include:

  • Commissioning Overview
  • Air Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Heating Systems