Cleanrooms / Labs

Cleanrooms and Lab Design, Construction, Maintenance

MTECH specializes in HVAC design and installation for labs and cleanrooms (Class 10 through 100,000). These facilities have special requirements, such as the different classes of clean rooms, anti-static rooms, positive pressure rooms, negative pressure rooms and HVAC systems with various stages of HEPA filters. Additionally, most of the surfaces are hard non-porous and washable and these rooms can include various monitoring systems for air pressure, humidity, and temperature.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system design for cleanrooms and labs often includes systems that have substantially more supply air than that needed for cooling. In cleanrooms, heat load is typically less critical to design than the cleanliness and pressurization requirements. Low sidewall return air intakes are used to control contamination by drawing the particles downward toward the floor. Higher airflow rates return smaller percentages of air to the air-handling unit and the remainder of the air is re-circulated through fan powered HEPA filter units. Cleanrooms designed to higher cleanliness levels, require more space for the mechanical systems and this must be considered in the design of the structure. It is important to communicate the required mechanical equipment space requirements early in the design phase.

Cleanroom design and construction expertise are essential in providing a safe, clean environment. Critical processes such as the assembly of electronic components, manufacture of clinical products, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices are carried out in cleanroom environments. The design and installation process of a cleanroom or laboratory can be complex – therefore it is essential that you select a reputable company, like MTECH, with experience within these environments.

Cleanroom and Laboratory types include:

  • Level 1, 2, 3 WHO Contaminant Controls
  • Cleanroom Classification 10 through 100,000
  • Medical Labs M4 1,000 through M7 283,000